Mission To Jordan Syrian Regugee Camp 2018 Mission Highlights Here
Christmas Medical & Gift Mission To Puerto Rico 2018 Mission Highlights Here
Emergency Medical Mission To Puerto Rico Please Donate Here
Dr. Corral & Team with Chesed International Charities held a sucessful medical mission in the Philippines 2017 Mission Highlights Here
Please Donate Now for Our Upcoming Mission To Kenya Sept. 2017 Be Apart of our medical missions around the world! Kenya 2016 Highlights Here
Kenya 2016 Water Well & Medical Clinic Be Apart of our medical missions around the world! Kenya 2016 Highlights Here
Haiti 2016 World Medical Mission Be Apart of our medical missions around the world! Haiti 2016 Highlights Here
Kenya 2015 World Medical Mission Huge Success! Be Apart of our medical missions around the world! Kenya 2015 Highlights Here
Medical Relief & Pastors Conference Egypt,April 2015 Dr. Michelle Corral & Chesed - Medical & Pastor Conference Highlights Here
Dr. Michelle Corral Returns From Haiti, March 2015 Thank You For Hearing God's Voice and Sowing Seed Highlights Here
Chesed 2014 Loving Kindness Medical Mission To Kenya Dr. Corral traveled to Kenya last fall Highlights Here
World Medical Relief Mission To Philippines 2014 Dr. Corral 2014 Medical Mission To Philippines; Areas Affect By Super Typhoon Haiyan Highlights Here
Mission To Haiti in December 2013 Dr. Corral Returned To Haiti in December 2013 To Continue Her Mission Aid To over 150 Orphans Video Here
Mission Accomplished: Zambia 2013 Dr. Corral Returns From World Relief Medical Mission In Zambia Watch Highlights Here Help Is Needed Still Needed For Future Missions!
Medical Mission Philippines Dr. Corral Recent Outreach Medical Mission To Philippines Highlights Here.
Orphan Home To Open Sunday, March 10 2013 Dr. Corral Is Set To Open "The Father's Treasure Orphan Home" - Haiti Please Help Here.
Burundi World Relief Medical Mission Dr. Corral Treating Child For Bacteria Infection In Skull Highlights Here.
Dr. Michelle Corral Dr. Michelle @ Uganda Mission Highlights Here.
Sierra Leone Medical Clinic: Thousands Treated Highlights Here.
Rizal, Philippines Medical & Dental Clinics in Rizal Highlights Here
Chesed Single Mom Receives Van Through The Kindness of Chesed International Ministries & Dr. Michelle Corral

Dr. Michelle Corral & Chesed International Charity

Chesed (or khesed (חסד)) is the Hebrew word for "kindness." It is also commonly translated as "loving-kindness," or "love." Thousands all over the world receive care from Dr. Corral's feeding programs, medical and dental clinics, clean water wells and now orphan homes with the emphasis of high standard education.

2017 Philippines Medical Mission

Dr. Corral has returned from The Philippines earlier this year where she & team brought Chesed to the village of Rizal where she provided a top notch medical clinic. Treating cellulitis, skin diseases, tuberculosis, hypertension, dental procedures, and more . Chesed still needs your help, please consider a small donation to support Chesed & Dr. Michelle Corral's worldwide medical relief missions. Please watch the video highlights to see the wonderful work God has done to help those in need. Please Help Here - Donate!

Your Love

Your Love has clothed, fed, treated and strengthened thousands of lives all over Africa including Sierra Leone, Uganda, Burundi and Zambia and also Haiti.

It is our mission to continue our outreaches to Africa, Asia and The Middle East most notably Egypt. Donate

Global Missions

For Over 35 years Dr. Michelle Corral has brought aid and the love of Christ all over the world. She has been heavily influenced by the works of Mother Teresa and models her global missions to show the love of Christ to the unwanted, unloved, uncared for and forgotten.

Along with aid to Africa, Asia and The Middle East she has spoken the word of God to many Diplomats

Help share in her vision to continue her aid to all corners of the earth. Donate!

At Home

Here in Southern California Dr. Michelle Corral is the Founder of Breath of the Spirit Ministries. For over 34 years Breath of the Spirit Ministries has spread the teachings of the Torah to help people move into their highest destiny.

Featured Missions

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